Montag, 28. Dezember 2009


Oh well, thanks to polyvore for giving me the chance to spend my whole evening creating collages. But it was great fun. I mean, how can it not be fun browsing through expensive things you never ever buy and create outfits you never ever be able to wear? But hey, I can dream, can't I?
I'd describe this composition as rock'n'roll-meets-girlish, but I'm not sure. All that I know is that I'm in love wth the tee and the snood...and the

Anyway, do you know this feeling between Xmas and New Year...? It's like between the years, but you're not really between them. It's still 2009. But one thing just passed and you're waiting for the other, but in the meantime everthing goes back to normal, you know. The shops are open, you have to go to work again and things like that. But actually it's holliday-esque, so you're not really into shopping or going to work...don't know if it makes any sense to you...?

So, last but not least, an amazing tune for you. I have known The Dead Weather before, but I completely fell in love with them when I heard "I Cut like a buffalo" on the radio. So, I think it's worthy of sharing with you guys. (ignore intro)

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