Donnerstag, 17. Juni 2010

Sonntag, 6. Juni 2010

From Moscow with love

 Well yeah, I'm back again. First, have to tell you that the Vienna airport is the biggest mess ever and the people there are just very very unfriendly but luckily we were there just because of the transfair and didn't have to stay there long.
Anyway, Moscow was great! You know, I love this place a lot, maybe because I spent there 5 years of my life. Haha that kinda sounds cheesy. Whatever.
photos: Austrian Airlines tomato juice and sandwich, my new lipgloss, the view from 10 000meters, my favourite cake called "a guest from the forest", some other sweets, pancakes, Chanel in Russian - I though it was funny, monster strawberry, salad made of chicken and pear and pancakes again, Russian "Borodinskij" bread. best.bread.ever.

So, Moskow is something. The only thing that bothers me is actually that EVERYTHING is like twice/trice/... as expensive as here in Germany AND that you look like a dumbass if you don't wear high heels and mini skirts. Sorry, fact.