Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2009

Lindsay/ Abbey

Well, this is not a LaW presents, because I kind of don't have time to do it (but I'll do it soon anyway-promised!). I just stumbled over some AMAZING street style pictures of Lindsay Ellington (first tree) and decided to let Abbey Lee (last) slip her way in too, just because I like her so much at the moment. I mean, c'mon, how you can not fall in love with their style? Yeah, you see...

Haha, and...look at the 1st picture...Lindsay can make a blazer fly! She's so good! :D

(sources: tFs, stockholmstreetsyle, altamira)


Anonym hat gesagt…

Abbey has a quite angled face!I don't like that..xD

Anonym hat gesagt…

Thank you for sharing I wish I could go somwhere.