Sonntag, 24. Januar 2010

In my glass coffin I'm waiting

...for the upcoming (March) issue of Vogue Nippon feat. an editorial shoot by Terry Richardson with Freja. Shit, that cover looks fucking gorgeous.
Sorry, not able to say anything else I'm so drooling over that....

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Samstag, 23. Januar 2010

I'm feeling a lil bit ROOOOCK right now

Alexander Wang x Alice Dellal x Dan Martensen = Alice hopping through East Villag NYC wearing Wang and behaving totally happy-go-lucky



New stuff

(SPIN magazin- actually for a friend but I think I'll keep it :D, Laguna Hollister Skinny Jeans, Hollister hoodie, Hollister tank top with sequins, Spoon-Teacup-Bow chain from Accessorize (lying on the jeans, close-ups coming soon))

I was in Frakfurt today, and of course I had to visit Hollister. That was so funny! Too bad I forgot to take my camera with me, so I couldn't take any photos, but I can tell you what happened...first, you had to wait approx 20min in a queue before the guys in the dorrway let you in (these guys wore boxershorts and a chemise so you were of course able to see their abs. But not their eyes since they wore glasses. So super-dooper cool *cough*). Well then, after you got inside the dark shop that smelled like...uh...well, hollister-like, you could shop the normal way, not only clothing but also magazines and CDs, but you had to wait again a very long time for the dressing room. But all the salesmen were very nice and looked great :) And they all wore flip-flops, which I think was kind of funny, because the customers all came in winter boots. Anyway, I talked to a guy in the shop and he said that they are probably planning to open a new Hollister store in Hamburg and maybe also Abercrombie. Yay!

LaW presents: Abeey Lee Kershaw

Australian Vogue in HD from Greg Kadel Studios on Vimeo.Together with Catherine McNeil

1. Terry Richardson Photography, 2. Vogue Nippon Cover, 3. Muse ed(?), 4. Muse cover, 5. Editorial in Vogue (see video above), 6.meiselpic by Steven Meisel

On the street/backstage/etc.:


"Not without my headphones"

Backstage &Party:

Oh-oh. Just look into these mesmerizing eyes :D
I promised to do a Law presents: Abbey Lee. I promised that a long while ago and now I did. While doing a photo/vid/etc. research I noticed that Abbey is actually even more stunning than I thought. Meanly because of the eyes, which are so aborably dreamy and blue, but also because of her whole attitude. She looks very innocent until you notice her piercing...;)

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Sonntag, 17. Januar 2010

LaW presents: Steven Meisel

It's like every editorial and ad I liked has been shot by Mr. Meisel. I never knew any photographer whose work can be so different and so alike at the same time. Firstly I thought that I only liked his latest projects (esp. meiselpic- whatta great idea!) but then I realized that his previous shots were absolutely stunning, too. I don't know if you actually can describe in words what he describes in his shots. The settings remind me of some very bizarre situations, but if you look closer you kinda feel totally familiar with them...also, he manages it to make one picture tough and soft. And that's why I think he's genius.


Samstag, 16. Januar 2010


That's Gemma Ward shot by Nick Knight for Vogue UK in 2004. Pinkcookie and I just saw The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, so that's probably why I have a crush on that editorial right's kind of weird and so was the movie. But we liked it. And we liked Lily Cole.
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