Freitag, 20. November 2009

French girl

I really like it. It's so simple and young, and very fresh. She really mixes up the designer things with the easy stuff. And she has this French attitude, which I love. For example, the first one, especially the red lips, is very French. I think, on the second look, the simple and a bit washed-out looking grey/green shirt together with the green scarf look a bit boring. But combined with the flower pattern of the scarf (look closer!) and the beige blazer, which looks expensive, the look becomes great. The red dress is one the one hand, due to the skirt, schoolgirl-esque, but on the other hand pretty ladylike because of the red colour. The feminine skirt and the blue blazer is always a go-go, you can't do anything wrong with this combination. The fifth look is my favourite: It's so great for winter! A wool white dress and a black wool coat. Brown boots and bag. Last but not least: black'n'white. (Actually black'n'cream). Legs all tone-in-tone and a sheer white top and a knit cardigan with puff sleeves.

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Chloe hat gesagt…

She's cool! I like the red dress.