Samstag, 23. Januar 2010

New stuff

(SPIN magazin- actually for a friend but I think I'll keep it :D, Laguna Hollister Skinny Jeans, Hollister hoodie, Hollister tank top with sequins, Spoon-Teacup-Bow chain from Accessorize (lying on the jeans, close-ups coming soon))

I was in Frakfurt today, and of course I had to visit Hollister. That was so funny! Too bad I forgot to take my camera with me, so I couldn't take any photos, but I can tell you what happened...first, you had to wait approx 20min in a queue before the guys in the dorrway let you in (these guys wore boxershorts and a chemise so you were of course able to see their abs. But not their eyes since they wore glasses. So super-dooper cool *cough*). Well then, after you got inside the dark shop that smelled like...uh...well, hollister-like, you could shop the normal way, not only clothing but also magazines and CDs, but you had to wait again a very long time for the dressing room. But all the salesmen were very nice and looked great :) And they all wore flip-flops, which I think was kind of funny, because the customers all came in winter boots. Anyway, I talked to a guy in the shop and he said that they are probably planning to open a new Hollister store in Hamburg and maybe also Abercrombie. Yay!

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